The Fountain

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The Fountain

The Fountain is a thought-provoking piece in which an older gentleman tenderly reflects upon his younger days -- a touching message for both young and old. The piece has a folk-like sound with beautiful harmonies and a flowing feel.

Suitable for University or High School Men's choruses.

Note: The download includes two scores: with and without piano reduction.

- TTBB, Unaccompanied
- Text from "The Fountain: A Conversation" by William Wordsworth
- Level: Intermediate
- Duration: ~4:30

Published by Lane Johnson Music


DOWN to the vale this water steers; how merrily it goes!
'Twill murmur on a thousand years, and flow as now it flows;
And here, on this delightful day, I cannot choose but think
How oft, a vigorous man, I lay beside this fountain's brink.
My eyes are dim with childish tear, my heart is idly stirred.
For the same sound is in my ears that in those days I heard.

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