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I Stand All Amazed

Posted by Lane Johnson on

I Stand All AmazedI have always loved this hymn, and I have really enjoyed doing this arrangement of I Stand All Amazed for piano. I didn't have any plans for working on a piano solo arrangement, but one day, a couple months ago, I was playing around improvising a bit at the piano while I was waiting for a rehearsal to begin. One of the ladies there came up to me and said something like, "You really should work something up and play it in our worship service." I didn't really think much about it at the time, but later that day, I sat down at the piano and started thinking about what she said and what I might do. A few minutes later, this arrangement started to come out. I worked on it a little at a time over the next several Sundays. 

Working on this has caused my to reflect on my gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and his love for me, and all that he has done and continues to do for us all. I hope that I have been able to somewhat capture those tender feelings and gratitude in this arrangement. 

Here is a recording I did. I hope you enjoy it!

Lane Johnson Music Website Update

If you have visited my website before, you will see that it now has a new look. I hope you will find it easier to use, and that your experience finding and purchasing the music you need will be improved. If you are not finding the information you need, or you are having any kind [...]

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Inward Stillness

I wrote this piece in the late spring of 2005. A good friend of ours told my wife about this beautiful little thought from a Longfellow play. I had already set two of Longfellow's poems (Snow-flakes and The Rainy Day) and so I was a bit reluctant to set another one so close on the [...]

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The Covert of Thy Wings

The Covert of Thy Wings was a long time coming. I’m not exactly sure when I started working on the idea, but I’m pretty sure it was not too long after I finished Mine Arm is Lengthened Out back in 2002. I went in and out of working on this piece from then until I finally [...]

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Premier of new commission work, "Not in the Wind"

I just returned from a great trip to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Minnesota Mormon Chorale premiered my new piece entitled, Not in the Wind. This piece was commissioned by their director, Erin Gray, to commemorate the Chorale's 10-year anniversary. Text for the piece is taken from verses from Doctrine and Covenants 19, 1st Kings [...]

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Performances Set for New Commission for the BYU Women's Chorus

A Breath of KindnessFor SSAA, Piano and FluteThis piece was commissioned by the BYU Women's Chorus to commemorate 10 years under the direction of Jean Applonie. The choir will perform it at the BYU Winter Choirfest this coming Tuesday, February 4th, at 7:30 pm in the De Jong Concert Hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center [...]

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UVU Men's Chorus to perform "Baby It's Cold Outside"

The UVU Men's Chorus will be performing my new arrangement of "Baby It's Cold Outside" November 8, 2013 in the Ragan Theater on the UVU Campus in Orem, UT. If you're in town, you might want to check it out. Should be a fun concert!

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After the Rain performed by the Wasatch Chorale

Last evening, my wife and I attended the Wasatch Chorale concert at the historic Provo Library. The theme of the concert was, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue." The Something New part of the concert was a performance of the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places winners of the Ars Nova Composition Contest that [...]

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A Rainy Day

In 2002, I discovered Longfellow's poem  Snowflakes, and was very taken by the poem. I knew I had to set it to music, which I did (see my post on Snowflakes). The experience of writing Snowflakes led me to seek out additional Longfellow poetry for possible lyrics, and it didn't take long before I ran across [...]

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1st Place winner in the Ars Nova Emerging Composers Competition

Recently, my piece, After the Rain, was selected as the 1st Place Winner for the Ars Nova Emerging Composers Competition. This contest is sponsored by the Wasatch Chorale and the newly formed Ars Nova chamber choral ensemble. Dr. Reed Criddle, who is the Director of Choral Activities at Utah Valley University, also directs the Wasatch Chorale [...]

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