What Others Are Saying

ronaldstaheli.jpg“Lane Johnson's choral music speaks with eloquent beauty directly to the heart and mind.  His discerning choice of texts comes to the choir in the embrace of beautifully constructed vocal sonorities that are as musically satisfying as they are structurally sound.  Mr. Johnson writes from his heart and mind, each complementing the other, all to glorious results.  BYU Singers has already performed many of his pieces; we hope to perform many more in future years.  The choir's immediate connection to his music is matched by the enthusiastic response from our audiences.  I strongly urge you to carefully examine Mr. Johnson's first-rate compositions.”

Dr. Ronald Staheli
Former Director of Choral and Conducting Studies
Brigham Young University

edithcopley.jpg“After hearing Lane Johnson's choral music performed at both ACDA National and Western Conventions, we commissioned him to write a new work for the Northern Arizona University Shrine of the Ages Choir. Lane's music has immediate appeal, because of the accessible, extended harmonies and expressive setting of the poetry. The texts that Lane selects typically have a strong message that helps the singers immediately connect with the music in a profound way. I strongly encourage you to explore and program the choral works of Lane Johnson; it is a journey that you and your singers will definitely want to take.”

Dr. Edith Copley
Director of Choral Studies
Northern Arizona University

"The music really puts its arms around you from the start and does not let go until it makes its final statement."

Gunilla Luboff, Former Owner of Walton Music
(Regarding "Sweet Love Remember'd")

stegall.jpg"Snowflakes was a hit with the 2010 Colorado All-State Mixed Choir.  It was quite the buzz at the convention... Someone has posted a video of the performance on YouTube.  Hope you enjoy it. 

Thanks again for a wonderful piece of music."

Dr. James Stegall
Director of Choral Activities
School of Music, Western Illinois University

"I was completely taken aback my this piece. It is a careful woven mystery that contemplates the delicate beauty of falling snow. The dissonances are formulative and used expressively on long phrases that commit toward pushing the piece through a definite sense of movement, much like snow falling. It is beautiful piece full of much contemplation."

Chris, Kansas City
(From the SheetMusicPlus.com website, regarding "Snowflakes")

"Wow. Very nice winter concert piece. Great words and very nice treatment of the text. Would probably work well with advanced high school or intermediate to advanced university choirs. Highly recommended!"

(From the SheetMusicPlus.com website, regarding "A Winter Landscape")